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Colorful Fashion Bloggers to Follow if You’re Tired of a Gray Winter

Now that it is almost March, winter has been here for far too long already. Especially here in Wisconsin, the days are dreary and gray, and I am ready for it to be spring. Spring is sunshiny and colorful, just like these bloggers’ Instagrams. So follow these gals if you’re in need of a boost …

Fashion Marketing

5 Fashion Brands Crushing It on Social Media Right Now

As a marketing student, I’ve noticed discussion about social media strategy has largely been shied away from in marketing courses. Social media changes far too often for there to be a textbook written on the subject. While there is no textbook, there are a million and one articles and blog posts about the best social …

Sustainable Fashion

What it Takes to be the Sustainable Fashion Capital

As an advocate of sustainable fashion, I clap for joy when brands–or in this case, when whole cities–announce new sustainability efforts. On January 30, major fashion news outlets spread the news that Paris is planning to be the Sustainable Capital of Fashion in five years as part of an initiative called, “Paris Good Fashion.” However, I do believe the community will have its fair share of challenges.