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5 Fashion Brands Crushing It on Social Media Right Now

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As a marketing student, I’ve noticed discussion about social media strategy has largely been shied away from in marketing courses. Social media changes far too often for there to be a textbook written on the subject. While there is no textbook, there are a million and one articles and blog posts about the best social media practices. The best way for a brand to succeed at social media is to keep up with these trends.

Current trends in the social media realm of marketing include being an involved brand, or engaging A LOT with consumers. It has been found in studies that social media can actually hinder consumer trust in a brand. Therefore, being open and quick to respond can increase consumer trust.

The role of the influencer has been a steady social media trend. The role of the influencer can be to raise brand awareness or, again, to increase consumer trust. Brands have been known to use influencers that are huge celebrities, as well as influencers who only may be well known in a small community. However, this list mentions how some fashion brands are starting to use the Average Joe as their new influencer.

The bottom line of your brand’s social media marketing strategy should be to do what works best for your brand. If engaging with consumers proves to be more successful on Twitter than on Instagram, forget the Instagram. If consumers “like” more video content than still frame content, consider more video content. Do not use a social media strategy just because it has proven successful for another brand.

Finally, what you came here for, here are 5 fashion brands I believe are crushing ~it~ on social media.

1. Revolve

I have been crushing on Revolve’s social media and marketing strategy for quite a while now. (This is not just because I’m currently struggling through a Wisconsin winter and most of Revolve’s feed is a tropical paradise.) Revolve uses multiple, unique hashtags to identify their posts and increase engagement. Many of the hashtags can be seen in posts by hundreds of “it-girl” followers. Revolve then reposts their followers posts for easy content curation and as their form of influencer marketing.

The brand first crushes it in experiential marketing which allows for the brand to crush social media marketing. It seemed all summer I was watching Revolve throw fun pink pool parties through Instagram stories. Not to mention, pop-up stores galore!

2. Kate Spade

Last year, Kate Spade’s new creative director, Nicola Glass, made her debut for the Kate Spade Spring 2019 show. Glass has brought a new air of sophistication in place of the usual quirk. Kate spade is still the colorful, happy, girly brand it always was, but now with a note of strong female empowerment. I could not be more for this redefinition of the brand, as I believe it pairs perfectly with the times.

On social media, the brand is featuring actresses in their campaigns that play strong female roles in their work. Women such as Sadie Sink from Stranger Things, Julia Garner from Ozark, and KiKi Layne in If Beale Street Could Talk and Native Son. This new image has been hard for me to pass by on social media.

3. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff started in 2005 with a handbag, quickly grew to a ready-to-wear line in 2009, and today is a global brand with a wide selection of products. Despite the breakthrough success, a feat not always successful in the fashion industry, the brand has done very well at keeping engaged with their audience.

For instance, the brand is known for it’s accessibility. The brand shows their spring collection while other brands are showing their fall collection. This unorthodox digital strategy is part of their “see now, buy now” strategy. The brand also successfully uses Twitter to quickly communicate with consumers. Not many fashion brands are as active on Twitter, but Rebecca Minkoff has found Twitter useful in keeping with their accessible strategy.

4. Aerie

Who doesn’t love some realness when it comes to social media? Aerie launched their no-airbrushing, “Aerie Real” campaign some years ago in 2014. However, the campaign is still alive and thriving on social media with #AerieREAL. This is another example of a fashion brand that has used public figures and everyday gals as their form of influencers. What I love is the brand’s strong activism towards their message. The brand shouts young vibrant women with purpose.

5. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is another relatively new brand in the world of fashion, active-wear fashion that is. This brand goes beyond selling active wear, their social media content strongly pushes consumers #doingthings to show the brand truly cares for the well being of their consumers.

Outdoor Voices content curation and creation is fun a prime example of balanced content. It is almost as though the brand follows an 80/20 social media strategy in which 80% of their content is for entertainment or engagement and 20% of their their content is for promotional purpose. This strategy keeps the brand’s feed from being repetitive and boring to the audience.

What are your thoughts on my picks for fashion brands crushing it on social media right now? Which fashion brands would you suggest are crushing the social media game? Let me know and thanks for reading!

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